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Acadian Memorial Park in St Martinville
Baby Alligators near Snapper wellsite
Bald Cypress trees on Lake Martin

Bald Cypress trees on Lake Martin 2
Drilling Rig Colorado County Texas
Evangine Oak in Acadian Memorial Park St

Fairway Project map
Garwood-1 location (in rice paddy)
Garwood-1 rig on site

Thoroughbred-1 facilities
Thoroughbred-1 wellhead
Completion Rig on Snapper A-1

Snapper A-1 facilities
Snapper A-1 flaring
Snapper A-1 wellhead

Snapper A-1 wellhead and facilities
Snapper A-1 wellhead and facilities 2
Snapper A-1 wellhead and tanks

Drill Pipe at Snapper
Drilling Rig at Snapper
Wellhead at Snapper

Mast and  Crown Block at Snapper
Snapper Production Facilities
Early morning in swamp near Beyt location

Spanish Moss in Swamp near Beyt Location
Drilling at Teche Prospect

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FlameResignation of DirectorJan 4th 2019

FlameAppendix 3BDec 24th 2018

FlameAppendix 3Y MannDec 24th 2018

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