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A rock with restricted or poorly-communicating pore spaces, such that hydrocarbons will not flow through it.

Drilling of wells according to a planned pattern and spacing to achieve full production from a new field.

Description of the total hydrocarbon content of a reservoir, as distinct from 'Reserves' which can be 'recovered' or produced. Oil or gas in place (OIP, GIP) before the start of production is known as Oil or Gas Originally in Place or Initially in Place. (e.g. STOOIP = Stock Tank Oil Originally in Place; GIIP = Gas Initially in Place).

Down hole tools inserted in the drill-string when fishing to jerk or jar the fish free by repeated sudden blows. They may also be used while drilling to avoid the drill-string becoming stuck.

A single length of pipe. Coupled or welded to other lengths, joints become a string. The term joint may also refer to the couplings or joints themselves.

Any unwanted object 'lost' down a well.

Square or hexagonal steel pipe about 43 feet (13 metres).

The act of bringing a well under control which has blown out or is threatening to blow out; also applies to the procedure of circulating water and mud into a completed well before starting well service operations.

The operation of pulling drill pipe or tubing from the hole and laying it down on the pipe rack.

A legal document executed between a landowner, as lessor, and a company or individual (as lessee) that conveys the right to exploit the premises for minerals or other products for a specified period of time over a given area.

An MMS proceeding by which leases of certain OCS tracts are offered for lease by competitive sealed bidding and during which bids are received, announced, and recorded.

Hydrocarbons in solution in natural gas which are liquefiable at surface temperature and pressure or by treatment and processing.

The study of rocks and hence the description of different formations encountered by a well.

Systematic recording of data. To conduct a survey inside a borehole to gather information about the subsurface formations; the results of such a survey. Logs typically consist of several curves on a long grid that describe properties within the well-bore or surrounding formations that can be interpreted to provide information about the location of oil, gas, and water. Also called well logs, borehole logs, wireline logs.

Loss quantities of whole mud to a formation, usually cavernous, fissured, or coarsely permeable beds. It is indicated by the complete or partial loss of drilling mud returns. Until the zone in which the drilling fluid has been lost is sealed off, drilling cannot be resumed in most cases.


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